About My Tiny Anchor

When I first bought my sewing machine on Mother's Day years ago I never envisioned it would turn into something I would pour my heart and soul into.I remember so clearly creating my first Rag Dolly, it was a mixed matched Dolly with hand painted eyes. I loved how unique she was and I loved the fact that she was created from colourful fabric, my beginners hands and my beautiful machine. From that moment on, a love sparked inside me that has grown fiercely every day since and the will to learn and grow continues with each new Doll made.

Time to time my Dolls and Animals may change styes or fabrics but there is absolutely one thing thats certain and it is my love for what I do. Being a Doll maker has given me a sense of acccomplishment and knowing that I can make a difference in someones heart ever so slightly with their very own Doll to bring joy... what a wonderful pleasure.The name My Tiny Anchor is a symbol that keeps me grounded, one of my Best Friends and I have matching Anchor tattoos on our inner wrist. For me, it reminds me that no matter what life throws at you or if sometimes my head gets lost in the skies to come back down and stay grounded. I believe that in some very hard times in my life having a small reminder to stay grounded has been my saving grace. Now creating Dolls in my amazing studio does that for me.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of my journey, you being here supports my family and keeps my dream alive. I encourage you ever so gently to share my small business to anyone who may enjoy looking through the pages of my Handmade Dolls or maybe someone is search of a gift from the heart. What I give back to you in return is a part of my heart and soul in each beautiful doll that comes to life.

Your support means the world to my family and I.

♡ Roxy ♡

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